Facial & Advanced Skincare


Prescriptive Facial                                                    €55

This active facial is tailored to your skin conditions on the day, it is suitable for all skin types, dry Sensitive, Oily, normal & dehydrated.


Relaxing Facial                                                          €60

Regain the radiance and vitality that life takes out of your skin. This facial dramatically boosts the skin's rate of cell turnover, it combats the effects of modern living, free radical damage from pollution and the environment. 


Soothing Rosacea Facial                                        €70

Is your skin sensitive, dull and blotchy? This facial will soothe and regenerate delicate, fragile skins. It reduces irritation and redness using Vitamin K formulations.


Microneedling                                                  €150 

Course of 3                                                      €330

Microneedling Dermapen is a treatment for problems like scarring, fine lines, pigmentation, fine lines and pore reduction. 

The needles cause lots of tiny micro channels in your skin which causes the skin to heal itself, inducing fibroblasts to produce collagen. We use a serum selected for your skin concerns, aiding much deeper absorption than just applying to the surface of the skin. 


Microdermabrasion                                     €95

Course of 3                                                   €225 

Also known as the lunchtime peel, parisian facial. This anti-aging, anti-oxidant treatment which resurfaces the upper layers of skin - giving a lifting effect and encouraging collagen production visibly reduces fine lines, pigmentation and scars


Glycolic Acid Peels                                           €77 (Courses are available)

This is a specialised AHA treatment using high potency glycolic acid which dissolves dead skin cells, improving cellular turnover, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, lightens pigmentation, leaving clearer younger looking skin